The VERSES Story

The VERSES Story

Oct 26 , 2019

Jel Directo

VERSES is a Christian clothing brand, established in 2016, aiming to minister to people by the act of wearing different verses in the form of minimalist statement clothing. 

It encourages people to wear their life verse (or current life season’s verse), proclaiming and testifying God’s glorious work in their lives. 

The absence of the scripture and the presence of only the verse tickles the curiosity of the reader, leading the people surrounding the wearer to search, to ask, or to open their Bibles to know what it means.

This is our creative act of ministering to the people through the verses.

Through the years, this project led us to meet people who already have their life verse, who researched for their own life's testament, and for that one thing or season, they will declare as their testament to God's greatness, goodness, and infinite grace. 

The brand has partnered with individuals from different churches all having the same voice and following the same Christ. VERSES aims to unite, and not divide, all the pursuants of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and God, the Creator.

This is the VERSES story.