SAVED by Verses Story

SAVED by Verses Story

Aug 31 , 2020

Jel Directo

2018 was the year when we experienced a lot of earthquakes in the Philippines.
It had a record of 6,442 earthquakes, where 2019 had 5,065.

This is not to say that 2018 had the most number of earthquakes, but at least, personally, I would say it was the year that I felt it most frequent in Metro Manila than in the recent years, and the year that made me want to have my own personal go bag.

Because of this, 2018 was the year when the Lord granted me the vision of creating an emergency bag that provides the most number of needed items as possible.

I realized that no matter how much we know we direly need a go-bag, rarely do we actually devote time to complete it.

When things start to shake or even when floods start building up, we end up looking around for things we need, instead of looking for that one place and one bag to get.

By 2019, the vision became tangible.
The bag was finally designed and the prototype was finally produced.

It was ready. 
The name I planned for it was Get and Go Bag. It wasn't as catchy as I wanted it to be, so I knew at some point I would still probably rename it. But the thought was there. I wanted to launch a bag that will make people stick to the objective: When emergencies greet us unexpectedly, there is that one bag that we will let us 'get and go'. 

However, it was a strange year financially. With many of my resources lost, I knew it wasn’t the year for me to open up another business.

I lost my main job in 2019, and I had to work month after month to get by. I accepted multiple consulting small businesses and altogether made my side hustles my main hustle. 

So I focused on what I had. VERSES as my main ministry and business, I focused on letting it grow counting anything that was not VERSES a distraction.

I knew I was called to wait. 

With the passion I had for the concept, I knew it wasn't a call to stop planning, but a call to continue waiting.  

In 2020, we faced (and are still facing) the greatest striking truth ever: Nothing in this world is certain. We were greeted by a volcanic eruption, a sudden death of a basketball legend Kobe Bryant by a helicopter crash, a sudden fire, an earthquake that killed thousands, and an unprecedented world-shaking pandemic.

“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.”

Proverbs 27:1

Because of that I decided to face the plan again, creating a product that I know I will want and need. I shared this with Ed, my now partner in VERSES. And we, convinced with the need, decided to revive the plan - this time, together. 

But what I love most about this story is that what was once the plan of being a completely different brand, aiming to be presented in a secular way completely flipped opposite. 

The new normal brought us to wanting to provide not just wearables (shirts, jackets, caps) but essentials. We wanted to provide what we know people need, what we know would now help. But never forgetting the mission of sharing the Word. 

This became a sound and convenient plan as we knew we did not need to register a new business anymore. It sounded like a completely logical and rational direction.

Turns out, this emergency bag line was God's plan all along. 

As we planned for its brand name, we dropped "Get and Go Bag" and dove into something that we all want to be not just when the earth start to shake, but even in bright new mornings. We want to be saved. 

So these bags we do not call emergency bags, not go bags. 
They are called saved bags

SAVED by Verses. 

We wrapped it with the verse that became significant to us, the verse that we believe will minister to everyone during the moment of disaster and despair.  The chapter that further strengthens our faith reminding us that God is God. 

Psalm 46. 

I will leave it up to you to read this beautiful chapter that we want to proclaim.
Open your bibles. That is our call. 

The saved bags as we introduce it, are all equipped with bibles. Although multi-purpose knives, face masks, hard hats, and can-openers can physically save us on the day of trouble, it is only God (and His Word) who can give us peace and eternal security. 

SAVED by Verses aims that while it provides your needs in the most difficult and emergent situations, it gets to minister to you by reminding you of God's promises and His truth. 

As an addition, these bibles are not something that we are selling. We managed to not include them in our costs. These are donations by friends and partners who support our mission of proclaiming and spreading the Word. As we continue to build this line and ministry, we will continue providing this part of the bag, always free.

We invite you to look at SAVED by Verses and put its story to heart:
That what was once not a plan, God fulfills it to His plan.

Everything for God's glory.