SAVED by Verses Mini

With the support of people on SAVED by Verses, the faith-driven emergency bag, we are now opening this to the younger ones, understanding that everyone needs a ready bag. We are calling this SAVED by Verses Mini.

From here, we want to highlight 5 key adjustments that we applied in Mini: 

  • 15% of kids' weight. Carefully picking safe items for kids and ensuring that they all fit within the allowable bag weight recommended by pediatricians.
  • Individual emergency bags. In as much as we value family-emergency bags, we know from real-life stories that not all the time, families are kept together in emergency situations.
  • Kids' sizes and kids' version for most items (towels, masks, goggles, syrup for medicines)
  • Life jacket/floaters. The inclusion of these survival floaters needed in water-related emergencies.
  • Bible storybook for kids. Using storybooks instead of the bibles we include in the regular SAVED by Verses bags, recognizing that not all kids are able to fully read yet.

We also call for the guardians to teach the kids how to use some of the items in the bags. More than these emergency items, what will help more is ensuring that the kids understanding the use of these things.

Since the time this was launched in 2020, it has been our desire to help families become READY and PREPARED. This bag contains a variety of items that can help protect children to survive in moments of disaster.

It is also our mission to remind everyone that in times of crisis, we have a God who wants us to fully trust and surrender to Him for real protection and true salvation. Included in this bag are readings for kids (bible storybook) that we encourage the child to read, especially in challenging moments. 

Check out our two bags:

  • SAVED by Verses Mini with 31 items
  • SAVED by Verses Mini Lite with 24 items 


Head on to the collection page to check out all the inclusions in our Mini bags!