SAVED Stories: Hebrews 13:14-15 by Luis Cortez

SAVED Stories: Hebrews 13:14-15 by Luis Cortez

Nov 05 , 2020

Ed Navarro

May 24, 2016. I can still remember that night around midnight when God opened my eyes to a simple understanding of the Gospel which he used to pierce my heart deeply. 

But before that, I was experiencing a little depression, and to cope with it, I indulged in computer games. On regular days, you would find me in a computer shop playing for 10 hours straight, completely neglecting fellowship with others. I was able to convince myself that time that I was already OKAY living my Christian life that way while waiting for God to return and bring me home. 

And then, that midnight encounter with God and the Gospel happened. In the computer shop where I’d drown myself with computer games and self-isolation, God made me listen to a sermon about biblical manhood. More than the practical steps the sermon provided, the example of Christ’s leadership and manhood got me. His leadership was filled with humility to the point of laying down His own life for His wayward people. 

Ever since, my love for knowing and experiencing Christ got deeper.. Even though I’m far from perfection, I know that His sufficient sacrifice leads me to pursue holiness because it’s His promise that we are created to do good works.