SAVED Stories: Philippians 4:19 by Jaily Escobal

SAVED Stories: Philippians 4:19 by Jaily Escobal

Aug 31 , 2020

Ed Navarro

Year 2007 was a difficult  time for our family.  Mama was going through dialysis. It was the first major sickness in the family.  It was emotionally draining to see someone whom you love slowly losing her strength.  It was June when the Lord brought her home. 

Papa, who was also going through complications of diabetes and early stages of dementia was also in and out of the hospital. He would still look for Mama even after she passed away.  It was physically exhausting and emotionally tiring. How should we respond at dinner time when he starts asking if Mama has already eaten? Papa must have missed Mama so much that God also called him home in October of the same year. 

Sadness. Anxiety. Helplessness. We, as a family, could have wallowed in all these. 

But our ever-loving God was with us every step of the way. There was always a reason to give thanks to Him. 

Whenever we were at a loss on where to get funds for our medical and daily expenses, God provided for us by touching the hearts of family and friends – at just the right time. Whenever we felt discouraged, God reminded us that we were not alone by bringing friends and our small group at church to pray with us and for us.  

The difficult time also allowed us to witness God’s work in Papa and Mama’s spiritual life.  

Mama attended worship services on her wheelchair as long as she still had the strength then.  Even after a difficult dialysis, she said a prayer of gratitude when we prayed together.  There were nights when we received text messages from her thanking us, her children for taking care of her, saying that she felt God’s love through us. Hers was a life of gratitude. 

What about Papa? Despite being such a reserved person, he started planting a kiss on Mama’s cheek before going up to the bedroom.  This was a transformation that only God could have done.  

But what I would treasure the most is my memory of his prayer two days before he passed away.  Our pastor visited him and was asking for his prayer request.  Because he was such a timid person who shied away from expressing his thoughts, we were surprised that we heard him pray -- for the first and last time.  He thanked the Lord for dying on the cross and for forgiving all his sins.  He prayed that we, his three children, would always love one another and that we would never get tired of   serving God.  It was a glimpse of my father’s heart. 

When I look back, what I can see is God's goodness and provision. While we were not rescued from the difficult circumstances, God saved us from feelings of sadness, anxiety and helplessness. He was faithful in providing for our every need and has assured us of His presence. Year 2007 was a year when we as a family experienced His Peace, His Comfort, and His Love in a very personal way. He still does. 

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19